The most insightful award winning book on finances from a biblical point of view. This material will shock you into doing what you have always wanted to do - financially - but were afraid to get started!


Based on the seminar, conference  and 4 set DVD of the same title, this book takes you through the financial landscape today and give you a detailed analysis of what money is, and how you can grasp the principles necessary to start on the road to long term financial freedom and security.


Book Synopsis

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What People Are Saying About This Material


 Whilst many books have been written on the subject of finances, this one is unique as the author shares fresh insights that will inspire your faith and catapult you into remedying your financial destiny. Rev. Walter Mwambazi’s ideas are well thought through and presented in a straight forward manner birthed from years of revelation and life lessons.
In this day and age when many false and heretical teachings have supposedly come out of the church espousing financial prosperity when in reality they have instead fleeced the faithful, this book is a sober and balanced view on prosperity.

– Bishop Dr. Joe Imakando, President and Founder, Bread of Life Church International




 A timely book, when spending without funding has become religion and where keeping up appearances is considered great until the debt becomes unbearable. This book empowers the reader to live in this world but not be of this world, with biblical foundations and practical insights. It is inspiring and easy to read, with testimonies and a transformed mindset. May God renew the minds and financial IQs of its readers.

– The Very Rev. Canon Charley Thomas. Dean, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka, Zambia.




 A well thought out book written from real experiences. It is for those who seek a total transformation in their financial arena.

– Chibamba Kanyama, Advisor Communications at International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Former Director General – Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation



Every person who is serious about having a balanced approach to personal and family prosperity as well as wealth creation must read and apply these principles.
I attended one of Rev. Walter Mwambazi's Seminars, I came out encouraged on seeing wealth from a balanced approach, founded on universal prosperity principles God intended for us, unlike these get-rich-quick prosperity messages being touted by so called prophets, who increase the levels of disillusionment by those falling for their unbalanced teachings on financial prosperity.

– Bishop George Mbulo (BA.; M.Div.; MBA), President of Capital Christian Ministries International


What People Are Saying About This Seminar

“The 7 Principles for Financial Prosperity” has brought me to a place of financial safety. The critical lesson which I am already implementing has been the principle of creating more than one stream of income which has given me financial security.

I have seen an entrepreneurial revolution among our Pastors and members since they attended that session. It brings me great joy to see them investing in a secure and well diversified manner.
I unreservedly recommend this book and seminar to churches, corporations and individuals. It is not a gathering of semantics and theory but a collection of immediately usable wisdom no matter what your current financial status may be. One thing is for sure; no matter where you are financially, the principles herein will definitely lead you to financial prosperity.

– Pastor Choolwe Mudenda, President and Founder, Gospel Envoys Church


Knowledge is power. This book brings knowledge to an African and helps him discover the principles of wealth creation God's way.

– Bishop Fortune Mwiza, Founder, Deliverance Church


"The 7 Principles for Financial Prosperity" has really left a legacy at my church. Many members are testifying and so far a number have since started investing in real estate whilst others have started retail shops.

On a personal level, I have decided to launch the three streams of financial income at individual level in the church. This means that each family must find ways to have not less than three sources of income. This was launched in the first week of February, 2016 as a direct result of the one of the principles taught.
I would therefore say that it has been very beneficial to myself and the entire church at large. People here want Rev Walter back for more life changing seminars and conferences.

– Bishop Jack Makabakano, Deliverance Center Church of Christ


 In a world where money is King and the people are slaves. Brother Walter has managed to switch the script and teach us how to make money work for us. I wish every leader could learn this 

– Abel Chungu Musuka, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader, Radio and Television Personality


 Its transformational, well articulated insights that have a basis on the fundamental truths of God's word. I have had a great shift in mindset concerning my view on prosperity. Rev. Walter has done it for me. Totally amazing!

– Walubita Siyanga “Pr Walu”, Author of “Whispers of Hope” and Life Coach


 Walter lives what he preaches. This is a welcome difference from the wannabes that provide easy ways out that they have neither lived themselves nor practiced. The principles taught are real and close to home and can be easily applied by anyone who chooses to read this book, attend the seminars or listen to the radio shows or podcasts.

– Felix “Galamukani” Banda. Author of “We Don’t Just Become”, CEO and Founder, Galamukani Consult